Consultancy and supervision
In recent years regulatory affairs section is becoming increasingly important for companies operating in the beauty and medical sector.

KEMINOVA provides regulatory consultancy support for all its customers, checking the regulations for cosmetic products (Regulation 1223/2009, Claims Regulation 655/2013, Recommendations for Sun Products 2006-647, etc.) and medical devices (Regulation 2017/745), while also ensuring control and compliance with REACH and CLP regulations on substances and mixtures, ADR for the road transport of hazardous goods, environmental labelling, and provides customers with support for registration in Third Countries.

Keminova implements continuous control and surveillance: from design, research and development, prototyping and graphic material to market release.

The regulatory affairs office accompanies the R&D team in the development of new formulations, checking the regulatory feasibility of projects, planning the optimisation and the design of tests to support product functionality, compatibility and safety. By teaming up with professionals and partners who are experts of the industry, tests are designed and defined in close cooperation with Clients in order to respond to specific requirements.

Regulatory check is conducted not only on product formula but also on accompanying graphic material, both for first release and later reprints (e.g. INCI list control, correctness of information, claims verification, etc.).

We also provide support for the preparation of PIF andCPNP notifications(cosmetic products), SDS preparation(mixtures) and full cooperation for the development of Technical Dossiers (medical devices).

Keminova pursues continuous regulatory follow-up: each regulatory and Opinion update is assessed and managed based on current products, with prompt action if interventions are required.