Keminova is a company that designs, makes and supplies quality and increasingly innovative cosmetic products and medical devices, which respond to the needs of clients and the market it operates in.

Keminova operates as the client’s partner, accompanying them every step of the way in each project, from formulation to finished product delivery. Its offering develops around new, cutting-edge proposals, increasingly inspired by nature and the concept of sustainability, and products made with processes, production and system technologies that assure quality, efficiency, compliance with delivery deadlines and the client’s needs, guaranteeing their continuous satisfaction.
By working in pursuit of these goals, the Keminova commitment to maintaining and tirelessly improving its Quality Management System is fundamental, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015-UNI EN ISO 22716:2008-UNI EN ISO 13485-2016 standards, for which it is certified.
Management is committed to providing the necessary resources in order to support the system and guarantee the principles of its quality policy, constantly verified by external and internal personnel on occasion of audits and management reviews:

  • Communication and sharing of its QMS with all stakeholders, ensuring the availability of all necessary resources and the compatibility of goals with the context.
  • Process-based approach and definition of measurable indicators, monitored and periodically shared, with expected objectives and relative responsibilities
  • Involvement of personnel and Stakeholders who, together with the active participation of all professionals, constitute a primary strategic element. Promotion of the development and training of internal resources and the careful selection of external partners to ensure competent and motivated human resources. A peaceful and attractive work environment is encouraged through the promotion of activities and strategies focused on professional growth, flexibility, autonomy, and the well-being of workers.
  • Implementation, maintenance and care of environments, plants and equipment that are adequate, innovative, and unfailingly compliant with reference to UNI standards and mandatory legislation.
  • Planning of processes with a risk-based thinking approach, the assessment of risks and opportunities linked to company processes, internal and external verification activities, management review, the monitoring and measurement of processes are all tools implemented to ensure constant improvement.

The creation of economic value is by no means the Company’s sole purpose: in its vision Keminova is committed to generate a positive impact for society and the environment.

This has inspired Keminova to become a Benefit Company, testifying to its sense of responsibility for the common good, with a people-centred outlook within the company and beyond, for the planet as a whole.

Transparency, respect, coherence and commitment are just some of our main values that guide us on the journey we have undertaken in order to become a key player of an ethically responsible change.

Our mission:

  • To increase knowledge and competence, encouraging the growth of all staff and the quality of internal relations.
  • To create the conditions and environment for enhanced flexibility, creativity and working autonomy, which in turn boost responsibility and enhance aptitudes and talents.
  • To respect the personal needs of those who work in Keminova, promoting activities for the health and well-being of staff and their families.
  • To implement research and development projects in synergy with entities, universities, clients and suppliers, in order to create increasingly innovative products and processes.
  • To constantly monitor the environmental impact of company operations, in order to improve the effects thereof, congenial to regenerative economics.
  • To promote a company culture oriented towards the Common Good, with partners, clients and suppliers, through the sharing of projects, actions and initiatives that encourage economic, social and environmental balance, inspired by a desire for evolution and mutual improvement.

For the greater protection of activities and all stakeholders, Keminova has resolved to comply with Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, which enables the application of accurate monitoring and control of all activities, in compliance with mandatory legislation, managing the risk of the committing of offences; to this effect, procedures, including those pertaining to quality, are an integral part of the OMCM adopted by Keminova.