Plastic: from waste to resource
We are the first subcontractors of Italy’s cosmetic industry to team up with Plastic Bank to stop “ocean plastic”.

As a highly versatile and widespread material, plastic has profoundly influenced our society, while also inducing serious environmental consequences.

At Keminova we are aware of the huge environmental impact of plastic pollution and of the “plastic leakage” problem in particular.

“Plastic leakage” means the dispersion of plastic waste, which ends up in the environment due to incorrect disposal, causing damages to land and marine ecosystems, as well as to our health.

It is estimated that every minute, a truckload of plastic ends up in the sea.


Keminova plastic bank

By teaming up with Plastic Bank, we are proving our concrete commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices, contributing towards the creation of an inclusive circular economy, in which plastic is transformed into a resource. This supports the social and economic development of communities involved.

How Plastic Bank works

“Collection community” members collect plastic from beaches, riverbanks, neighbourhoods, and homes and deliver it to collection centres in exchange for bonuses for food, fuel for cooking, school fees and healthcare insurance.

Keminova ESG'S
What does all this mean for Keminova?

In supporting the project, each year Keminova funds the collection of plastic waste from areas around the world that have been particularly hard-hit by the plastic leakage problem, offsetting dispersion and generating a positive social and environmental impact.

In particular, for every kilo of plastic contained in the packaging we purchase from our suppliers and use for the production of products for our clients, one kilo of dispersed plastic is removed from the environment.
Thanks to our partnership with Plastic Bank, we are able to provide our clients with Plastic Neutral/ Plastic Net Zero products.

A product/ packaging is defined Plastic Neutral or Plastic Net Zero when the same quantity of plastic used in its production is recovered from the environment before it enters the seas, within a specific period of time.

Keminova Plastic Bank

To date Keminova has:


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