Keminova was founded in 1985 as a small manufacturer of cosmetic products. Thanks to constant investments in production capacity and technical competence, in just under forty years it has grown to become one of Italy’s most dynamic companies for the formulation and production of skincare products and medical devices.

Keminova has always provided its customers with a comprehensive, sound, reliable and transparent service every step of the way, guiding them in making the best choices to suit their needs. Indeed, we are committed to innovation through simplification, with proven results, and to providing customers with all our professionalism and experience. Product development is followed through in every single phase: Keminova knows all the ins and outs of this highly complex organic process, from conception to production, and is committed to ensuring it runs smoothly.

But Keminova is so much more than just technical excellence.
2022 is when we became a Benefit Company.Read more >