Corporate Responsibility
Organizational Model 231 and Ethical code
Keminova operates inspired by the values of transparency, honesty, integrity, respect, reliability, sustainability and responsibility, the same values that guided its decision to adopt Organisation Model 231.

Italian Legislative Decree 231 came into force in 2001 and requires companies and entities to adopt an internal organisational model to prevent top management, employees or third parties from committing offences. Therefore, adopting the model is not so much an obligation as it is a simple a duty, and it may prevent the Company from incurring any administrative sanctions, thus also protecting stakeholder interests.

In 2021 Keminova adopted its very own Organisational Model, issued by the sole director.

The Ethical Code is an integral part of Model 231 and Keminova has duly distributed it.

The Ethical Code is the document on the company’s culture, the values we believe in and which inspire our pursuit of business. It expresses the set of ethical duties and responsibilities in corporate activities and has been prepared for both employed and non-employed staff, clients, suppliers, and all stakeholders.

The principles and rules set forth in the Ethical Code enrich decision-making processes and professional training, while also orienting Company conduct.

By complying with its Ethical Code, the Company strives to maintain a good reputation and image. Therefore, it is in the Company’s prime interest to lay the foundations and ensure adequate disclosure of this resource, and compliance with its precepts.

The Supervisory Body

In compliance with provisions set forth in the Decree, the Supervisory Body, established and vested with the duty of supervising Model operation and compliance, comprises a single person.


Reporting / Whistleblowing

A specific information channel has been established and information is currently submitted directly to the SB, as set forth in the organisational model.

All recipients are required to directly report, preferably to the SB, situations, facts or acts within the scope of Company Activities, which breach the provisions of this Ethical Code, by writing to the following address: