Skin Care
Keminova formulates and produces skincare cosmetics for a highly demanding clientèle, top Italian and international cosmetic production brands. Our project approach aims to ensure simplicity and promptness for the client, with concrete results in short times.

The client that turns to Keminova can count on a competent team, ready to embrace a well-defined brief or propose new ideas, thanks to its profound knowledge of the cosmetic industry’s dynamics, due to the internal management of the entire conception, formulation and production process. Brief development is closely implemented from market analysis in order to identify the latest trends, and is immediately aligned with eco-design principles, with great attention to the product’s overall environmental sustainability. This is followed by preliminary standard or regulatory analysis, formula conception, selection of raw materials and packaging, and making of the product and packaging.

The internal microbiological laboratory is a further guarantee of quality, as it ensures the control of environments, plants, critical raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Skincare and toiletries are the core business of Keminova, however we have the necessary know-how to design and produce cosmetics containing typical make-up ingredients, like pearls, pigments and soft focus effect powders.

Special packaging, typical for decorative cosmetics, can also be arranged for products upon request.

In accordance with the client’s requirements, Keminova can formulate cosmetics of different degrees of naturalness, also in accordance with COSMOS NATURAL and COSMOS ORGANIC specifications.