Being a Benefit Company means actively operating for the common good.

“Benefit Companies” were introduced by the Italian Law on 28 December 2015. Article 208 defines Benefit Companies as those companies and enterprises which, in the execution of their activities, in addition to the purpose of producing and dividing profit, pursue one or more purposes of common benefit, operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way with respect to people, communities, territories, environments, goods, cultural and social businesses, bodies, associations and other stakeholders.

Formalising the transition to Benefit Company was felt as a duty towards an increasingly complex economic-social context requiring greater attention and care as to its actions and impacts. To us, being a Benefit Company means concretely embracing the challenge of modernity, thanks to a vision, innovative company management and a balance between economic, social/ relational and environmental dimensions that stands the test of time.

Our vision
To become a model of virtuous company, which, in addition to economic value, also generates a positive impact on society and the environment. A place where a harmonious work-life balance is possible.
A company active in the local area, capable of building synergistic relationships with all stakeholders, operating for the development of common good.
People who share and testify to these purposes, conscious of the importance of the journey undertaken as pioneers of ethically responsible change.
Our values


A far-sighted and attentive way of interacting with the environment, people, and the field of work. It arises from embracing diversity and limits and grows with the creation of shared value.


Values backed by words and actions build trust while making relationships lighter and more robust.


Just like in a “crystal house”: the choice to see and be seen, in an authentic way. This generates circularity through the sharing of results, objectives, critical issues and knowledge


Working every day with passion, for the common good. This generates belonging, synergy and evolution.

Our Mission, reflected in the six common benefit objectives, has been added to our Bylaws. Every single day we are committed to achieving them responsibly, sharing the results also in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • To increase knowledge and competence, encouraging the growth of all staff and the quality of internal relations.
  • To create the conditions and environment for enhanced flexibility, creativity and working autonomy, which in turn boost responsibility and enhance aptitudes and talents.
  • To respect the personal needs of those who work in Keminova, promoting activities for the health and well-being of staff and their families.
  • To implement research and development projects in synergy with entities, universities, clients and suppliers, in order to create increasingly innovative products and processes.
  • To constantly monitor the environmental impact of company operations, in order to improve the effects thereof, congenial to regenerative economics.
  • To promote a company culture oriented towards the Common Good, with partners, clients and suppliers, through the sharing of projects, actions and initiatives that encourage economic, social and environmental balance, inspired by a desire for evolution and mutual improvement.