Ethics is so much more than a buzzword or abstract concept. It means undertaking and honouring a series of commitments in all aspects of work and personal relationships, embracing diversity without ever turning it into difference. It is also about nurturing an inclusive and positive environment, where sharing is the energy that drives people and processes.
Diversity and inclusion

In issuing our diversity, equity, inclusion and gender equality policy we have formalised our commitment, sharing our values and what we believe in.

We promote different projects and activities to support the development and spread of the culture of inclusion and respect for each person in our company and beyond, setting ourselves stimulating continuous improvement goals.

This includes obtaining gender equality certification, in compliance with requirements set forth by UNI/PdR 125:2022, as confirmation of the actual implementation of a gender equality management system, which over time guarantees the achievement and upholding of undertaken commitments and defined objectives.

Keminova download Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Gender Equality Policy

We recognise the importance of language as a tool for promoting an inclusive and respectful work environment. We have defined and shared a specific procedure for inclusive language, which aims to encourage equality and the welcoming of all people, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, physical capacities or any other personal characteristics.

Keminova download Inclusive Language Procedure