Packaging e Full Service

The selection of packaging is a crucial element when designing a cosmetic product. It greatly influences the consumer’s value perception of the product and is also a key element in determining the environmental impact of the finished cosmetic product, often even more so than content and production process.

For full service projects, Keminova also actively supports the client in the selection of the type and material of packaging. Numerous shapes and sizes of packaging are possible due to the internal filling line, which ensures excellent versatility in development. Multi-year experience of partnerships with top accredited packaging suppliers means that Keminova is able to directly manage the supply of primary and secondary packaging material, while also ensuring optimal production planning management.

Keminova 6 lines

6 lines including vases, bottles and tubes


Different sizes from 4 1.5 to 1,000 ml

Keminova 12 mill. pcs/year

12 million units produced


50,000 items per day


1 million sachets/ year

By teaming up with Plastic Bank, Keminova is able to compensate the impact of plastic used for its packaging.

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