Looking to nature as a reference point led us to reflect not only on our approach to science and cosmetics, but also on our foundations, goals and values.

For Keminova research, nature has always been a model of scientific innovation and today we have gone one step further, looking to it above all as a model of ethics and behaviour, in all aspects of our life as a company and Brand, internally and externally.

Synergy, evolution, diversity, harmony. Nature uses these strategies to enable its constant innovation and to protect all forms of life, from the microscopic to the infinitely large, without excluding a single living being.

These are the values we want to be guided by: we believe they form the essential basis for a fairer and more equitable world, for everyone.

This is what our philosophy is all about: to draw inspiration from nature and abide by its principles, aware that every single cell and molecule on Earth is interrelated and shares the same destiny.