Innovation and Research

Keminova provides its own know how to every single new project, having over thirty years of experience in manufacturing cosmetics and medical device for skin care.

The ability to innovate and research is based on this solid foundation of knowledge and choice to constantly invest within the research & development laboratory. The customer who relies on Keminova can count on a prepared team to obtain an idea of the market and turn it into product concepts.



Keminova was founded in 1985 when a group of entrepreneurs decided to buy the small manufacturing company owned by a pharmacist.

Thanks to significant investments in research and development, infrastructure, organisation and human resources, Keminova achieved constant and exponential growth of its production capacity in a very short time.

Keminova has established binding relationships experience with leading companies in cosmetics over the years, which involved a group of the research and development team of Keminova in creatiing new formulations and product concepts.



In compliance with the proper code of ethics and behavioral practices Keminova:

is committed to providing solutions that are environmentally friendly, and the end user commits itself to choose raw materials fruitful of processes sustainable for nature and for the labour, and is committed to enhancing the skills of its employees at all levels of the company.



The certified natural cosmetics sector has always found increasing sensitivity and attention from the market and from the companies.

Clear and accurate information are the conditions to win the trust of the consumer, with products created under strict disciplinary which are primarily high quality assurance products as well as the selection of raw materials and sustainability of production processes.

Keminova is able to offer its customers experience and know-how, obtaining a Natrue certification, which requires a very challenging course with regard to the product but also its production process and packaging.

Natrue is an international nonprofit organisation that defines, promotes and certifies a rigorous specification of quality and guaranteeing the natural skincare products.

The certified products meet the criteria established by the Scientific Committee Natrue, according to three levels of certification:

natural cosmetics (but not necessarily natural ingredients from organic farming)

natural cosmetics with an organic portion (at least 70% of the ingredients from organic crops)

organics cosmetics (at least 95% of the ingredients).

Authorities independent partners perform the audit to obtain certification in companies that adhere to the protocol.