A cosmetic product is always made from a brief and indicated by the customer, which Keminova offers its know-how on the latest technology and who are also very aware on future trends in the cosmetic market.

The Research and Development Laboratory of Keminova is constantly updated with news of the world market of raw materials, always offering the best solutions both in the active field and also in regards to the functional ingredients and auxiliaries.

Thanks to their experience in cosmetic techniques and the use of emulsifying systems, very pleasant and very similar to the composition of the skin, Keminova proposes a new series of formulations with high skin feeling.

During the process of product development, Keminova implements a constant check on compliying with the rules and regulations in force. All the formulations meet the requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation 223/2009.

Posing a particular attention to the words written on the label and to the word "claim", including the symbols provided and accepted. Keminova offers a consultancy service on drafting texts, by verifying compliance before finalizing the artwork and printing of primary and secondary packaging.

Skin care products
   Treatment products for the face and body
   Mild detergents
   Baby oils, powders, creams, shampoos
   Products for personal and intimate hygiene
   Feminine hygiene products
   Liquid hand soaps
   Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, sprays and gels)

Facial Cleansers (liquids and creams)
   Face masks, BB, CC cream
   Lip care products
   Shaving creams, lotions, aftershaves
   Make-up remover products

Lotions, gels, moisturizers
   Bath and shower gels and oils
   Liquids, creams, ointments
   Deodorants and antiperspirants

Sun care products
   Foot care products
   Peeling products and scrubs

Home Fragrances

Certified Natrue organic products