Keminova is an Italian company specialized in the production skin care creams.

The "cosmetic" and "medical device" departments have paved the way to high quality products, the result of constant research and investment in innovation and the skills and experience of our staff.

Keminova represents at best the ability and know-how in the skincare sector, where Italian produces of skin care creams are known, recognized and appreciated worldwide.

Keminova meets the requirements of a host of diverse customers, leading brands of Italian and International cosmetic production. Their "full service" organization guarantees the customer a clear view of the project at every stage, from the analysis of market trends, the design of the formula, the selection of raw materials, to the final product and then onto its packaging.

The microbiology laboratory is the heart of the company, offering quality assurance for the raw materials and for the finished product. Keminova is a company that takes full account of the principle of sustainability and marks it as a guide of their work, both in production processes, and in particular, the expertise in the creation of certified products. Keminova has a production line that can embellish the prestigious Natrue certification.