Full service

Keminova works under a "Business to Business" structure with maximum flexibility according to the customers needs. Keminova can intervene at an early stage of a project, which consists of the analysis of the concept of a new product to its formulation, then takes charge of the entire production process until packaging.

Our organization covers all the key skills (R & D formulation, microbiological and chemical-physical quality control, technical-legislative consulting, process engineering, design and development of packaging).

Keminova chose not to outsource any of the work to have direct control of each and every step of the process, and therefore the guarantee of the quality of the final product.

Keminova employs 45 employees divided between the various business functions, who are able to work in a properly trained team according to the project commissioned by the customer.

The products we produce on behalf of our customers, mainly large companies in cosmetics and skin care, are intended for different distribution channels:

Perfume stores
Professional Beauty salons
Retail Outlets.